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Fellow deviants who, for one reason or another, have earned my trust on this site!

They're artists I'd be happy to draw stuff for/draw stuff with, commenters who almost always have something to say about one's work, thinkers who, on occasion, have even inspired me with some of my ideas, and just all around nice people!

If you find your icon on this list, consider it a sign of my utmost respect!



By RedTheHedgehog14, no, what the heck, been a while since I've done one of these!

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags
8. You MUST make up journal entry

Ten facts about me:

-I'm able to do that "Live long and prosper" hand motion with both hands!

-My general hierarchy for tagging people is: Two friends, four watchers, and four strangers.

-I'm capable of doing a three-man, three-3DS run of Tri Force Heroes...with one man!

-Since the start of 2015, I've gotten into many shows from the 70s and earlier, including The Lone Ranger, Zorro, and Dragnet.

-One of my personal wishes is to have a 3D printer to create figmas of my own characters...

-Though I plan to earn my driver's license by the end of January, I enjoy riding trains and buses more.

-I once personally met the president of the company responsible for the production of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. I applied for an internship over there as well, but nothing ever came of it...

-The Xero part of my screenname came from my brother; he used it as part of his old Phantasy Star Online account before I later took the handle for myself. Before that, I would've gone under J-Omega instead.

-I have a recording of my own idea for a Lore In A Minute video of The Wonderful 101 saved somewhere on my computer.

-As a result of having it on VHS and watching it almost weekly as a child, I'm able to recite the entire Sonic the Hedgehog OVA, voices, sound effects, inflections and all, from start to finish by heart.
This is also true of the Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog episodes "Slowwww Going", "Over the Hill Hero", "Grounder the Genius", "Blank-Headed Eagle", "Sonic's Song", "Road Hog", "Best Hedgehog", "Tails in Charge", "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad", and "Sonic Breakout".

The tagger's questions for me...

1) What Grade are you in?

Graduated from college with an Associate degree in May last year.

2) Naruto or Dragon Ball Z or both?

One Piece, then Dragon Ball, then Naruto, in that order.

3) Are you familiar with the Fanfic, Dipper goes to Taco Bell?


4) (if WWE Fan) Favorite Wrestlemania? (if Not) Favorite Deviantartist?

SigurdHosenfeld, since it was their sexy artwork of Rosalina and Peach that opened me to DA in the first place.

5) Do you have any pets?


6) any Shippings that you think will get criticism from the Fandom?

Which fandom?

7) Favorite Dessert?

Carvel Ice Cream Cake (Accept no substitutes!).

8) Favorite Sonic Video Game?

Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

9) (if WWE Fan) Attitude Era or Ruthless Aggression Era? (if not) Yaoi, Yuri or Hetero?

Yuri, then Hetero in that order.

10) What do you think about the SU SJW Suicide Controversy?

Honestly, when the creators of the very thing your fandom revolves around are (very rightfully) calling you out on your actions in response to someone simply drawing a character in a different way than the creators first intended, ya done F***ED UP.

Now my questions for you!

1. Do you prefer traveling by land, sea, or air?

2. What do you primarily use when you create your art?

3. What's the most obscure game (in your opinion) that you own?

4. If you have OCs, are the majority of them male or female? If you don't have OCs, have you ever considered creating one?

5. What would you consider to be the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?

6. Does it matter to you if a person behind an avatar or screenname ever reveals what they actually look like?

7. Extend your right arm out to your side as far as it can go, then let it fall. What's the first thing your hand lands on?

8. What was your favorite show you used to watch as a kid? (About 13 or younger)

9. Have you ever gone out of your way to see or play something in a language you didn't understand?

10. On a scale of "LBX" (6 inches) to "Gurren Lagann" (Bigger than a galaxy), what's your preferred size of Mecha?

And for these questions, I tag...

:iconnana-kyoto:, :iconvivid-cure:, :iconfyahbhedgehog:, :iconchristitan16:, :iconac-money:, :iconmelody-dawn:, :iconmegablaze22::iconousul:, :iconlizlovestoons12:, and :iconhomestuckfanpoop:

Good luck, mates!
It's November, and as I promised, Requests are open again!
Which also means those of you who hit their limit of two per person in the past now are able to add a third to that list as well!

However, so that I don't bury myself under an even larger workload than I have right now; I'm going to set a limit of 5 people for this particular period.
First come, first served!

The requests I'm taking are...

:icontechnoritona: :icondumdodoor: :iconblackeyehawk: :iconredryan2009: and :iconshadowlouix:

Everyone else will have to wait until I can get through these, first, I'm afraid...
Happy 30th Anniversary, Mario! (A1E8-0000-0018-35D2)

A quick little celebration for Mario's 30th Anniversary, using the Classic Mario Amiibo I got that same day!

Starman's Maze (FCBC-0000-0018-9D0B)

One of the many ideas I've had about using Super Stars to race through dangerous terrain, in this case, a long spiky tunnel followed up with a cloud-riding trial through walls blocked with Fire Pirahna Plants!

New Super Mario Bros...2? (3242-0000-0019-12BE)

It's pretty obvious that coins are pretty much just for show outside of the 100 Mario Challenge, but that doesn't mean it's still fun to run through a massive shower of them!

Ups and Downs (32F1-0000-001F-E807)

The first course I actually put effort into creating, designed to test the New Super Mario Bros U style's wall jumping abilities.

Pac-Maze (E334-0000-0020-95A8)

Does this need an introduction? It's Pac-Man, for crying out loud! The only things are, the warp tunnels on either side are a bit defective, and the "ghosts" have remembered they can go through the walls!

Gauntlet Castle (75A9-0000-002E-08E9)

My first shot at a castle level, and it's a big one, with several rooms full of dangerous enemies, hidden secrets and a fireball duel with the Koopa King himself!

An Explosive Race (854A-0000-0030-E5A7)

Another "Grab a Super Star and run like heck" level, only this one's more straight forward...and more full of Bob-omb-chucking Lakitus!

Bowser is the Key!? (6BC1-0000-0031-B4ED)

One of my personal favorites, as this one requires a bit of skill and luck! The castle is lined with hard blocks and the only way forward is to play a deadly game of dodge the fireball as Bowser chases you through it!

Flying Practice (3C4F-0000-0034-AE00)

If you're not familiar with using the Cape to fly in Super Mario World, you will be by the time you finish this level, especially if you don't want to run into the very unpleasant surprise waiting for you on the ground!

Kuribo's Marathon (8351-0000-0044-039A)

What was once the rarest of Mario power-ups is now the focal point of this course as the entire terrain can be traversed only by way of a size 30-something boot! (Or high-heel, if you prefer...)

The Magna Doomship (6E9A-0000-0047-A88E)

The Magna Doomship from VS Universe makes its first explorable appearance!...sort of. The battle to take down the mighty craft will take you through several chambers full of enemies as you fight to reach and destroy the core of the ship, before escaping to a duel with Bowser in the skies!

MMMMMM: The Space Station (2219-0000-0067-75DB)

An almost perfect Mario-fied replica of the first stage from VVVVVV! Because Mario levels are more horizontal than vertical in this game, I had to get a bit creative with where the warp pipes and areas connect...

To The Battlefield (DBB4-0000-008A-1ADD)

Celebrate the one-year anniversaries of Smash 3DS and Wii U with this classic Mario showdown with a Bowser-and-son tag team!

Yoshi's Ghost House Chase (9944-0000-008D-BE57)

In the original games, Yoshi wouldn't ever enter a Ghost House. This level, though, has you racing through its deadly hallways to save him before he falls into its ghost-filled depths!

Tunnel of Trampolines (9D96-0000-0090-A0C9)

Created to be a more refined replacement to "The Element of Disguise", you only have to concern yourself with Trampolines. There's only one problem: Figuring out which Trampoline is you!

Sonic Runners (8417-0000-0092-211A)

Enjoy an inspiration of the hit iOS/Android game, through use of the Sonic amiibo, autoscrolling, and a really close timer!

Complete and Utter Nonsense (9625-0000-0093-EBB7)

This may possibly be the weirdest level I've ever created so far, and yet, it somehow still comes together quite nicely. Exactly how weird it gets is something you can decide for yourself!

Koopa Clown Bumper Cars (4186-0000-0099-69F3)

The only thing you have to worry about in this castle are Koopa Clown Cars...and lots of them. Oh, and the various enemies (and maybe friends?) driving them around. Oh, and also the spikes that can stun the Koopa Clown Car. Oh, and also also the lava that threatens to catch anyone unfortunate enough to be bumped deep enough into it!

Chaser Maze (EE46-0000-00B8-E564)

A maze in many senses of the word, named so because you're usually being hounded by something, so don't stick around too long! There are two paths to the end of the level, so see if you can beat them both!

Goom-Ball! (E508-0000-00BC-38F5)

Ironically enough, one of the most useful weapons to use in the Super Mario World style is the lowly Goomba; its capability to be thrown and re-used repeatedly when knocked over will come in handy in this course full of hazards Mario can't traverse otherwise!

Auto-Mario! (8333-0000-00BE-F3D9)

Yeah, it's an automatic level, one of the most overused tropes in Mario Maker thus far, but you have to admit, it takes effort to put those kind of things together, enough so that I wanted to try one for myself!

March of the Koopa Tanks (18EA-0000-00C3-B6A2)

The Koopa Troop has sent a convoy of baddie-filled armored vehicles in your direction, and it's up to you to get up and over each one of them, including the the mighty Mega Tank at the end! (Technically, you can go under them too, but that involves getting run over by sharp tires, so...)

DREAD-Mill! (E85B-0000-00C4-AE20)

The goal lies not far from the start, at the bottom level of a multi-level series of conveyor belts. The only problem is getting down there while avoiding being blasted by a tower of fireball-flinging Bowsers!

Swimmy Frog (97E4-0000-00D5-FD26)
Greninja goes underwater to take on its best Flappy Bird impression against a series of increasingly narrow pipes!

Troublesome Tracks (09B2-0000-00D7-C279)
The first of my levels to include a Checkpoint! Fairly straight forward, as the only hazards are on predetermined Tracks. Remember their patterns, or you'll regret it!

Journal History


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United States
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Give a llama, get a llama by AskGooroo Please comment :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire (It lets me know what I'm doing right or wrong!)

Favorite Quote: "No, I didn't [thing I very obviously did] and you can't prove I did!"

My other Art Galleries (Containing art you won't find on this site!)

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Been a while since I got to do this...Highlights of the Nintendo Direct? 

36 deviants said Cloud!
9 deviants said Fire Emblem Fates!
8 deviants said Twilight Princess HD!
8 deviants said Hyrule Warriors Legends!
7 deviants said Pokemon! (If so, which game?)
5 deviants said All the new Amiibo!
5 deviants said Something else I didn't mention!
3 deviants said Star Fox Zero!
1 deviant said Xenoblade X!


Sketch Only
Raleno Cinoten 2014 :Sketch: by Xero-J
Miku in the Space Zone v2 Sketch by Xero-J
Rosalina the Samurai :Sketch: by Xero-J
Splatoon :Sketch: by Xero-J
Red the Sorcerer :Sketch: by Xero-J
Nana's Wii-U X 3DS: Faceplate Fashion :Sketch: by Xero-J
For this price, I can provide you with a hand-drawn, colorless sketch! Good for traditional art lovers!
Sketch and Lineart
Raleno Cinoten 2014 :Lineart: by Xero-J
Miku in the Space Zone v2 :Lineart: by Xero-J
Rosalina the Samurai :Lineart: by Xero-J
Splatoon :Lineart: by Xero-J
Red the Sorcerer :Lineart: by Xero-J
Nana's Wii-U X 3DS: Faceplate Fashion :Lineart: by Xero-J
Gives you the hand-drawn sketch, and the digital linework. If you prefer to color things yourself, go with this!
Sketch, Lineart, and Color
Raleno Cinoten 2014 by Xero-J
Miku in the Space Zone v2 by Xero-J
Rosalina the Samurai by Xero-J
Splatoon by Xero-J
Red the Sorcerer by Xero-J
Nana's Wii-U X 3DS: Faceplate Fashion ~Art Trade~ by Xero-J
The whole 3-step process, in which you receive the sketch, blank linework, and a properly colored, unmarked version of your desired artwork!
Colors! 3D :Commission Only:
Golden Classic Controller Pro :Colors 3D: by Xero-J
Game Boy Color :Colors 3D: by Xero-J
8-Bit Luigi :Colors 3D: by Xero-J
Rosalina: Windy Weather v3D :Colors 3D: by Xero-J
No Rest For The Virtuous :Colors 3D: by Xero-J
Special option only available through commissions!

This type of art is done through the Nintendo 3DS Colors App! For this you get not only your requested art, but if you have a way of viewing 3D images, you'll get the 3D file, too!
Galaxy Note Style :Commission Only:
Lodestar Raleno by Xero-J
Rosalina: STAR 108 T-Shirt by Xero-J
Zinnia X Rosette ~Commission~ by Xero-J
Pompadour Paragon by Xero-J
The Diamond Princess by Xero-J
Goddess Hestia by Xero-J
Special 3-phase color option available through commission only!

For this, you'll get the sketch as per usual, but the Lineart and Color will be done through the ultra sketchy style I use from drawing with my Galaxy Note!

However, while this is cheaper than regular color commissions, keep in mind I can only draw up to two characters with the limited space, so if you prefer detailed backgrounds or multiple characters, go with the normal one instead.
Smash Style Symbols :Commission Only:
Marl Kingdom Universe Symbol by Xero-J
Xero-J Original Universe Symbol by Xero-J
Paragon-R Universe Symbol by Xero-J
Sword Art Online Universe Symbol by Xero-J
Gunstar Heroes Universe Symbol by Xero-J
Ever since Smash Bros., I've been a fan of the idea that every series has an insignia to represent them, which I why I often make my own for those outside Smash, or of my own design.

I've decided I can do the same for any universe of yours (or a universe of something you've seen or played before!)
One Shot Comics :Commission Only:
Who Gets Him First? :Mini-Comic: by Xero-J
Too Much Water :Mini-Comic: by Xero-J
Lament of the Save Block :Mini-Comic: by Xero-J
Paragon-R: That Day... by Xero-J
Recruiter's Remorse :Mini-Comic: by Xero-J
Portal Problems ~Commission~ :Mini-Comic: by Xero-J
Since I want to get back into comic work, and I also want to make a career of it, if you have an idea of something for a one-page comic or set of panels, let me know and I'll take it on (for a price of course!)

(Note: The maximum page size for these is considered to be Tabloid (11 x 17 in), so try to keep it concise!)

Stuff About Me

Real Name: Jalen Johnson

Profession: Digital Artist

Other Screen Names: Xer042, jalenkenai137

Pokemon Trainer Personas: Cross (in White), Grey (in White 2), Xavier (in X), Emerl (in Emerald and Omega Ruby)

Systems I own: NES, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Dreamcast, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, GB/C/A/SP/Micro, DS/Lite/i/3DS/New3DSXL, PlayStation One/2/3/P/Vita, Xbox/360/One, Steam on PC, iPod, iPad, and several Android-centric emulators.

Online Games I frequent: Pokemon Omega Ruby/Global Link, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

3DS Friend Code: 0817-3741-2956 (Comment w/ your code if you want to add me!)

(Animal Crossing: New Leaf) Verdanté's Dream Address: 5300-2184-3591

Pokemon XY Friend Safari: Dragon-type, with Gabite, Noibat, and Sliggoo

All-time Favorite Fictional Characters: Six way tie between Sonic the Hedgehog, Luigi, Rosalina, Captain Falcon, Monkey D. Luffy, and BATMAN

Currently Playing: Mario Kart 8, Pokemon Omega Ruby, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Bravely Default, Mother 3, Sonic After The Sequel, Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Hyrule Warriors

Current Favorite Shows: One Piece, Space Dandy, Sword Art Online, Mythbusters, Pokemon: The Series XY, Adventure Time, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Walker: Texas Ranger, Steven Universe, Sonic Boom, Kill la Kill

Currently Following on Youtube: Chuggaaconroy, TheRunawayGuys, Hellfire Commentaries, BrainScratchComms, KoopaKungFu, chipcheezumlps, MasaeAnela, Ace Attorney X MLP:FIM: Turnabout Storm, TeamFourStar, PurpleeyesWTF's None Piece, mugiwarasonicteam's One Piece Abridged, Cinema Sins

Currently Reading:
The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon
Brawl in the Family
Adventures of Dr. McNinja
The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum
Exterminatus Now

Current Songs stuck in my head:

Theme of South Island (Sonic The Hedgehog OVA)

Excited Plz's

:iconexcitedshadowplz: :iconexcitedlaytonplz: :iconexcitedlukeplz: :iconexcitedkirbyplz: :iconexcitedplz: :iconexcitedphoenixplz: :iconexcitedmayaplz: :iconsonicexcitedplz: :iconexcitedlaplz: :iconexciteddusterplz: :iconkooliodragon:


If you plan on thanking me for any fave or watch, I recommend you do so on my actual Favorites page instead of here.


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This isn't really a request, I just want your opinion on it. 
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