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...And what a day to be back, considering today is both April Fool's day and the day of a Nintendo Direct! (In fact I've already voiced my opinions of the direct in a separate journal!)

Anyway, I've got quite a bit of news tonight, but I'll start with the important stuff...

First, the main changes to my general means of drawing sketches: the fact that my scanner no longer works, so for the time being, I'm going to be using one of my old printers to scan stuff. This means that, for better or worse, my sketches are going to look different until I can get a new scanner. (Or until someone can find a way to downgrade iOS 8.2 to iOS 5, whichever comes first)

Next, the announcement of my latest subseries of artwork!

SwApril 2015 Logo by Xero-J

A month dedicated to swapping stuff around! (Mostly costumes and genders, but if anyone has any ideas they'd like to share, I'm happy to hear them!)

While I was finagling with my DA gallery, I also decided to add two new folders to my Favorites pages: Mega Man and Sword Art Online!
True, most of the pics in these collections are of Roll and Asuna, respectively, but if you're into looking through Collections, your life just got a little bit easier!

Finally, as I had planned to do, before my hiatus started, I'm going to try to set up a few Nintendo related weekend events, including games such as Codename S.T.E.A.M, Monster Hunter 4, Pokemon, Fossil Fighters Frontier, and of course, Smash Bros.! (Gotta break Mewtwo in, somehow, right?)

...I'm not going to lie, it still feels a bit weird to come back after all this time, and it might still be weird for a while to me, but I have no intention of staying away from artistry for much longer, and I certainly have no intention of making my name a name others can count on!
Nintendo-Direct-Logo by Xero-J

No joke, ladies and gentlemen, Nintendo once again let loose a flood of information with their usual amount of hype, and as per usual, I'm voicing my opinions on it, step-by-step! Here we go!

Smash DLC!

We all knew Mewtwo was coming back, (more so if you happen to have the Club Nintendo codes like I will soon!), but then, suddenly, LUCAS comes out of Nowhere! (Get it, 'cause he's from the...Nowhere Islands...I'll be quiet now) as well as all the special costumes,, which I'll probably get just for Proto Man and X.

...I'm probably also going to need a bigger shelf in light of all this amiibo related business. Finally, before any of you even ask...

Smash Ballot by Xero-J

Moving on...

Amiibo Demos!

Considering I own many of the games they showed off in some way, shape or form, this means about as much to me as the previous announcement of having Wii games on the Virtual Console (that is to say, not much).
Still, since I have everyone up to Wave 3 of the Smash series, I'm fairly certain I won't have to worry about not having all the games in this service...

Mario Maker!

I guarantee the level select is going to be flooded with Kaizo levels within a week of release. Flooded.

Yoshi's Woolly World!

Standard platforming fare once again from Good-Feel, although I kind of like having the ability to turn Easy Mode on or off at will. It's certainly a lot less damaging to my gamer pride than "Hey, you died more than eight times in this level, want to turn on the Super Guide?"

Also, as mentioned, I already have an amiibo of Yoshi...but argh, the Woolly World variants look so much fluffier...


There's no more need to convince me to get the game, obviously, but I do enjoy learning about new modes, and I especially enjoy amiibo collecting, so bully for the Special Edition stuff! (Even if it is going to be a pain to find...)

N64 and NDS on Virtual Console!

Putting aside the slight bitterness that I didn't get the chance to try that one-level HD thing of Super Mario 64, it's quite nice to know they've finally found a way to bring DS content to the big screen(s)! Despite the fact that I already own most of them, I'm intrigued at what kind of games they'll have for the N64 and DS.

Plus, with the addition of N64 games, do you realize what this means? By now, the Wii U's Virtual Console has content from every big-name Nintendo console so far...all except for one! ;)

Indie Stuff!

I'll call that stuff as I play it, but I have been meaning to try out Octodad for quite some time now...

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem!

There are two kinds of people in the world, and this reveal divided them quite nicely; the people who were squeeing the second they saw the Atlus and Nintendo logos, and the people who would only recognize it as a Fire Emblem anything if they saw someone like Marth or Ike.

I, sadly, fall into the latter category, as it took me until Trinen flatout said this was the crossover to have any idea what I was looking at. I've only seriously played Awakening, so I'm not the biggest Fire Emblem or SMT buff, but would it have killed them to throw in a shot of anyone I would have recognized? I might need a second opinion from someone who's familiar with both series...

Fatal Frame!

Many a deviant I follow on Twitter was whooping it up when the announcement came that this was headed Stateside. I, personally, have never played the Fatal Frame series, so I'll take that with a grain of salt when it hits...

Box Boy!

Comes out tomorrow, so I'll give a full account of how it works then!

Pokemon Rumble World!

Pokemon Rumble itself, I have no problem with, but I have a very bad feeling the FTP model they started with Pokemon Shuffle is going to be a regular thing with Nintendo now. Darn it, I already caved because of your blasted Keldeo event, Nintendo, what more do you want from me!?

Puzzle & Dragons!

While I'm not sure why they would give us two games with practically identical functions, but with a different coat of paint, maybe the Super Mario visuals will help me ease into the mechanics. (The fact that I once regularly played Pac-Man Monsters, and followed suit with One Piece Treasure Cruise should give me an edge, at least...)

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains!

As much as I love food, authority, and VENGEANCE, my brother is the resident Attack on Titan expert in my family, so I'll have him deal with that when the time comes...

Streetpass Mii Plaza Games!

These couldn't have come at a better time, as I was running out of things to do with the last batch of games they gave us. Plus, fighting off hordes of zombies is never not fun, as anyone will tell you...

Fire Emblem 14!

So the Avatar's got a promotion from co-protagonist, to sole protagonist. Fun! With that, however comes a whole lot of new choices to make...

Do you follow family, or your country? The peace and prosperity of Hoshido, or the turmoil and complexity of Nohr? The good old fashioned Fire Emblem experience, or the challenge of trying to keep a nation from destroying itself? Whatever you decide, you've got a lot of time before it hits in 2016...

Animal Crossing!

We knew the cards were coming, but to have a game come with them about...designing homes? Sounds fun, especially since anyone who's had any Animal Crossing game for some time knows how fun that can be!

Mario Kart 8 DLC!

The second DLC pack getting pushed forward is a pleasant surprise indeed! But more importantly, 200cc mode sounds and looks like it's going to be a heck of a challenge to see how many ways we can sequence break through all the tracks...

Also, I want someone to figure out how to mod music in this game so I can have Super Sonic Racing play whenever someone uses the Sonic amiibo suit. I'm serious.

Somebody, anybody, get on that now. 

and that's about all us Americans get in terms of Nintendo stuff for the time being, presumably until E3 comes calling again. So, what do you all think? Anything blow your mind, or anything you would have like to see for yourself? (I imagine more than a few of you are going to say Star Fox...)

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